Thursday, 7 April 2011

Furious Fusing

Our gathering this month was, for once, less talking and more making as we returned to fused plastic and worked very hard to produce more decorative bunting for use at our craft events. We were a bit better equipped this time and had a gaggle of bag cutters, three 'fusers' (ok, ironers) and three machinists so managed to create plenty of beautiful bunting and raise the temperature of the room to what felt like almost boiling.

Proud Kellie and her punk-inspired creation..
try not to spot the branding...

Thankfully refreshments were particularly wholesome this month as Rachel, our craft baker (Hopcutts of Chorley) provided some last minute red-nose cakes for the session so we got to fill our faces and raise some money for Comic Relief at the same time.

It was lovely to have a few new faces at the group - we now have a really diverse range of makers not only in terms of what they actually make but also their style, approach and exprience. It is an exciting time.
Next month we have a cheeky extra session run by our resident (self-proclaimed) nerd, Lynsey from Purpleshmurple. She is helping the luddites amongst us get to grips with raising our online profiles so expect our blog(s) to take a sudden turn for the better.

Improvements coming soon ; )