Monday, 24 September 2012

CREATE me some more time please

Firstly an apology - I haven't posted in a long while.  I totally missed a write up of the funkily fabulous plastic pendants we made at the last meet and make session, but this is why



If you are local please feel free to drop in and visit our lovely new venture
there will be lots to see, do and of course beautiful handmade items to purchase
to make your feel all warm and fluffy inside.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Paper Paper Lovely Paper

I started out with scrapbooking as my 'craft' so the last 2 meet and make sessions were right up my street:

Papercutting was the focus of the meet and make for July and August.  Back by popular demand as a few missed giving this a try last year. Session led by the talented Madam Cholet!/madamecholets (not the actual Womble, but wouldn't that be fun?) 

It would seem that it is very addictive.

Here are a few of the lovely creations:

And here is mine finished and framed. 
Sorry I dont have pics of anyone elses finished products. 
(if anyone is reading please facebook me them).x

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Bags of Fun

I had intended to call this post 'sew frustrating' but then that would be unfair as it was not the workshop that I found frustrating ... (more on this later**),  on the contrary I am really pleased with my final product, though I can take absolutely no credit for the appliqu├ęd J. 

Jennie of Cheeky Creations ( was impressively organised with 6 specially appliqued squares for us to compare outcomes on differing material using bondaweb, backing stuff etc. (cant remember what it was called - someone who knows please comment), plus an example tote bag for us novices.  The beginners were making tote bags from tea-towels and the more experienced of us were trying out applique.

Of course when you are faced with creative types you come up against imaginative ideas which deviate from the original plan, and possibly deviate from actual ability (me), but all credit to Jennie she advised and guided and helped us all to realise our dreams - ok so I'm getting carried away but you know what I mean, we all came away very happy with our final products, including applique done by first time machiners!

Anyway enough about that and more about me! **My darling ancient singer (on permanent loan from my mother dearest) got a bit bored after my first few sloooooow plodding stitches and simply refused to plod from then onward for anyone! including Jennie, she did, however, like a good horsewoman with a nervy colt (although my machine is more like a grumpy old man, but that would rather lower the tone of this illustration) keep my machine in line and appliqued a denim J on my bag, after I had failed to be delicate footed and unpicked it several times. 

Undaunted, I am keen to have another go, I may try it with bits of rags first.

Here are the items we made:


TTFN Nik x

(Piccies courtesy of Purple Shmurple - I was too busy cursing and crying to take any)

Saturday, 31 March 2012

sketch it, ink it, print it, bop it

The last meet and make was all about printing, I'm not sure it was screen printing, as I know little about it, but Leonie of Loula Belle at Home ( - check out her latest pretty paper cut) instructed us on grooving the image into polystyrene sheets and rolling the ink for the perfect print and we were off - grooving and rolling with the best of them. 

Some of us - found this a very addictive craft (you know who you are) and were still creating as we cleared up around them.  In the end we needed to prize the rollers away for washing and get to the piccy part of the proceedings.

Now, feast your eyes on the varied prints, created by crafters age 7 - 70 (actually none were aged 70 but it sounds better and we do welcome new members with an interest in tea, biscuits and all things crafty - so any seniors willing to come and have a go, please feel free to come along and make my blogging more truthful).

Pretty family tree - another favourite from one of the Petals
I also really liked the cupcake design by Ruth (
F for fabulous

The children voted this yellow and white flowered print - best.
I loved the trees and the lovely lady who made these gave me one to keep! To my shame I have not framed it yet :(

Cant wait to see how everyone framed/finished their prints.

Next meet is basic sewing, where we will be making tote bags etc.


Saturday, 17 March 2012

More Meet the Crafters

Introducing another member of the group:

      By Sam Palacios

What is your ‘craft’? I make custom made sock monkeys which can be themed or personalised on request

Have you always done this or did you first start with another type of craft?
I have been a 'monkey designer' for 6 months now, but I love to make jewellery aswell. I love Swarovski crystals & swarovski glass pearls. I also like to make cute & quirky designs too.

Is there an interesting story in how you started your business?
Having been unemployed for over a year & spent many soul destroying hours of filling in many application forms which never led to any luck, i found myself wondering what i could do.

My youngest sister became pregnant with her first child & i wanted to buy the new baby a unique gift which could be personalised, but something handmade not just off the shelf in a supermarket!! I accidentally came across 'sock monkeys', I really liked the idea of them but not the scary faces & eyes that most seemed to have, i also didnt like the price! I decided to learn how to sew. I was given a sewing machine from Freecycle & my lovely Mum gave taught me how to sew. My 1st ever Monkey is so ugly, but i kept him anyway! My Monkeys now are all cute & seem to each have a unique personality to them.

Tell us what we can typically find when visiting your stall?
My gorgeous sock Monkeys. Also 'Fluffy' Monkeys. You may be lucky to see a pirate or a princess Monkey on my stall too. Not forgetting my lovely jewellery too
Do you have a favourite item? Personally i love the 'Fluffy' Monkeys best, they are only £15.00 each & are so soft & snuggly - simply delightful to touch.

Do you have a website or somewhere we can have a nosey at more of your products?  

Do you sell online?
Yes via my Facebook page

Any big plans for the future of your business?
I have just recently opened a workshop on Worden Park in Leyland, Lancashire where i can make & sell all of my creations. So i'm hoping that everything works out well. Please do come & have a look at my creations.

You'll find me in Unit 6, Worden Craft Centre, Worden Park, Leyland. PR25 1DJ

Please follow me on Facebook to keep up to date with Monkeys Made With Love.

You can also find a mural painted by Paint Pots and Petals to help the monkey's feel at home at Monkey’s Made with Love’s workshop – so that’s two reasons to visit.


Friday, 24 February 2012

What are you up to - CCC's

Thought our followers may like to keep up to date with what our individual crafters are up to - I think eventually this will have it's own little (regularly updated) section at the side of the blog but for now I thought I would very quickly post an event I know about:

Monkey's Made With Love
Studio/Workshop grand opening tomorrow at 11am - 4pm (apologies for the last minute post)

Where: Unit 6 Worden Arts and Crafts Centre in Worden Park, Leyland, Lancashire

Paint Pots and Petals have also been involved and have completed a wall mural for the monkey's.  So if you wish to see the picture and of course the delighful monkey's (on their best behaviour tomorrow obviously) pop into the park between 11am and 4pm.

Here is a sneak peak


Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Crafty Takeover...

...has taken place (it was the best I could come up with), anyhoo it was a steady success for the most part. Once again shame about the weather but I shan’t bore you with that old chestnut – as it appears to be a CCC recurring theme. Suffice to say this time around said chestnuts were frozen!
Aaaaand thanks to us (the lovely Petals) the downstairs room was like walking into a fridge, however it did mean lots of park passers-by popped in via this entrance and who knows if they would have done so otherwise. Therefore can I extend a BIG Thank U to all the downstairs stall holders for bearing it well with your gloves and hats and thermal vests, we even had some cashmere and furry outerwear (but that is another anecdote). X

The FREE do it yourself crafts organised by Paint Pots and Petals were very popular, thank you to visitors who made a voluntary donation, this money will be used to purchase craft supplies for the activity table/s at the next fair (follow link to look out for date announcements - summer dates will be posted on the right as soon as we know them).

I did get these though .....

These are the bunting flags made by the children who visited the fair.  They shall be carefully boxed until the next craft fair when we will be displaying them at the Coach House for all to ooh and aah at the talents of our young crafters.  

On a personal note, we have our AGM next week when roles are being re-distributed so this may be goodbye from me, but never fear you can still hear my dulcet tones .... over at Paint Pots and Petals blog( which I am ashamed to admit has been rather neglected of late.


Nik x