Saturday, 17 March 2012

More Meet the Crafters

Introducing another member of the group:

      By Sam Palacios

What is your ‘craft’? I make custom made sock monkeys which can be themed or personalised on request

Have you always done this or did you first start with another type of craft?
I have been a 'monkey designer' for 6 months now, but I love to make jewellery aswell. I love Swarovski crystals & swarovski glass pearls. I also like to make cute & quirky designs too.

Is there an interesting story in how you started your business?
Having been unemployed for over a year & spent many soul destroying hours of filling in many application forms which never led to any luck, i found myself wondering what i could do.

My youngest sister became pregnant with her first child & i wanted to buy the new baby a unique gift which could be personalised, but something handmade not just off the shelf in a supermarket!! I accidentally came across 'sock monkeys', I really liked the idea of them but not the scary faces & eyes that most seemed to have, i also didnt like the price! I decided to learn how to sew. I was given a sewing machine from Freecycle & my lovely Mum gave taught me how to sew. My 1st ever Monkey is so ugly, but i kept him anyway! My Monkeys now are all cute & seem to each have a unique personality to them.

Tell us what we can typically find when visiting your stall?
My gorgeous sock Monkeys. Also 'Fluffy' Monkeys. You may be lucky to see a pirate or a princess Monkey on my stall too. Not forgetting my lovely jewellery too
Do you have a favourite item? Personally i love the 'Fluffy' Monkeys best, they are only £15.00 each & are so soft & snuggly - simply delightful to touch.

Do you have a website or somewhere we can have a nosey at more of your products?  

Do you sell online?
Yes via my Facebook page

Any big plans for the future of your business?
I have just recently opened a workshop on Worden Park in Leyland, Lancashire where i can make & sell all of my creations. So i'm hoping that everything works out well. Please do come & have a look at my creations.

You'll find me in Unit 6, Worden Craft Centre, Worden Park, Leyland. PR25 1DJ

Please follow me on Facebook to keep up to date with Monkeys Made With Love.

You can also find a mural painted by Paint Pots and Petals to help the monkey's feel at home at Monkey’s Made with Love’s workshop – so that’s two reasons to visit.


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