Sunday, 28 August 2011

Felt Great!

The meet-up on Saturday July 16th was led by Jackie Cardie who demonstrated felt making for us.  She also brought in several finished examples of her work to help inspire our efforts.

We were gently guided through the process (very useful I felt – oops pardon the pun) layering up Merino wool to create sheets of felt using her thrifty bubble wrap method. 
We all came away with several pieces we intend to turn into various projects and some of us managed to make seamless phone pouches out of felt as well. 

Just drying out before we transform them into something fabulous, like the crafty peeps we are.>>
A huge thanks to Jackie for her very accomplished and organised demo and her generous sharing of wool.  Jackie currently has work on display at the exhibition in the Coach House Gallery, Astley Park, Chorley but be quick if you want a nosey as the exhibition finishes next weekend. 

Also a big thanks to Ruth for treating us again, this time with her home-made white-choc cookies!  

Trying to pass off Jackie’s talented work as our own efforts (reminds me very much of Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’)
If you are interested in seeing more of Jackie’s work, check out her blog.

In August and September we learn how to create Mosaic masterpieces.  More on this soon. xx