Saturday, 31 March 2012

sketch it, ink it, print it, bop it

The last meet and make was all about printing, I'm not sure it was screen printing, as I know little about it, but Leonie of Loula Belle at Home ( - check out her latest pretty paper cut) instructed us on grooving the image into polystyrene sheets and rolling the ink for the perfect print and we were off - grooving and rolling with the best of them. 

Some of us - found this a very addictive craft (you know who you are) and were still creating as we cleared up around them.  In the end we needed to prize the rollers away for washing and get to the piccy part of the proceedings.

Now, feast your eyes on the varied prints, created by crafters age 7 - 70 (actually none were aged 70 but it sounds better and we do welcome new members with an interest in tea, biscuits and all things crafty - so any seniors willing to come and have a go, please feel free to come along and make my blogging more truthful).

Pretty family tree - another favourite from one of the Petals
I also really liked the cupcake design by Ruth (
F for fabulous

The children voted this yellow and white flowered print - best.
I loved the trees and the lovely lady who made these gave me one to keep! To my shame I have not framed it yet :(

Cant wait to see how everyone framed/finished their prints.

Next meet is basic sewing, where we will be making tote bags etc.



  1. It's lovely to see you all branching out trying new crafts - long live crafting. If it was nearer my home I would certainly come along as one of the seniors lol! Liz

  2. The prints look even better than I remember! Great Blogging btw xxx

  3. The prints look very professional :-)
    FYI you can make no cost polystrene printing blocks by re-cycling the poly containers that meat and fish come in. Just wash and cut the sides off to make a flat board.
    Love Mx (aka she who hoards allsorts of rubbish because she finds a use for it!!)