Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Bags of Fun

I had intended to call this post 'sew frustrating' but then that would be unfair as it was not the workshop that I found frustrating ... (more on this later**),  on the contrary I am really pleased with my final product, though I can take absolutely no credit for the appliqu├ęd J. 

Jennie of Cheeky Creations ( was impressively organised with 6 specially appliqued squares for us to compare outcomes on differing material using bondaweb, backing stuff etc. (cant remember what it was called - someone who knows please comment), plus an example tote bag for us novices.  The beginners were making tote bags from tea-towels and the more experienced of us were trying out applique.

Of course when you are faced with creative types you come up against imaginative ideas which deviate from the original plan, and possibly deviate from actual ability (me), but all credit to Jennie she advised and guided and helped us all to realise our dreams - ok so I'm getting carried away but you know what I mean, we all came away very happy with our final products, including applique done by first time machiners!

Anyway enough about that and more about me! **My darling ancient singer (on permanent loan from my mother dearest) got a bit bored after my first few sloooooow plodding stitches and simply refused to plod from then onward for anyone! including Jennie, she did, however, like a good horsewoman with a nervy colt (although my machine is more like a grumpy old man, but that would rather lower the tone of this illustration) keep my machine in line and appliqued a denim J on my bag, after I had failed to be delicate footed and unpicked it several times. 

Undaunted, I am keen to have another go, I may try it with bits of rags first.

Here are the items we made:


TTFN Nik x

(Piccies courtesy of Purple Shmurple - I was too busy cursing and crying to take any)

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