Thursday, 3 March 2011

Second time around...

Saturday 19th February saw our second group gathering where we had a crafty swapshop and gave eachother the opportunity to clear out some craft clutter. Turns out we have quite a few hoarders amongst us (is that a crafter characteristic?) and we had an impressive array of craft supplies, books, magazines, equipment and tools ready for a new home. Some of us took home more than we had offloaded and some of us proudly returned home to space and order knowing our unwanted bits and pieces had gone to a better place.
This activity didn't warrant too many visuals which is a good job since here come the photos from our February 6th art and craft fair - at last!

Chorley: Sunday February 6th 2011

The Coach House
We didn't have the best of weather for our second event but that certainly didn't stop people coming down to support us. In spite of wind, rain and general gloominess, the Coach House was packed (and it seemed to be standing room only in Cafe Ambio!) with dedicated art and craft enthusiasts as well as pleasantly surprised chance visitors. We got some wonderful feedback; both compliments on what we were doing well and constructive suggestions for what we could do differently to improve future events.

Now for those who missed it (shame shame know your name) you will be taken around the event, maker by maker!
The entrance housed Silvermousey and Wudstock who both battled courageously with the wind-tunnel created by two sets of doors and a blustery day. You then found the following delights in our downstairs area:



Polkadot Sky

Polkadot Sky
supercute tilly

Julie Henry

Rae of  Sun

Drawn by Dreamers
Mummy Cupcake

Birdhouse Press
Croft Honey
Paint Pots and Petals


Calico Heart

As if this wasn't enough, you then (hopefully) made the journey upstairs to our second room in the beautiful art gallery where you weaved your way round;

Inspiral Cushions
Shirley Brewer
Oh Crumbs! Cupcakes

Cheeky Creations

Sue Turrell Glass Fusion

Kraft Work
Ellen Storton Jewellery

Ellen Storton Jewellery

Zygote Gifts

Sandra June Originals


Chorley did us proud and supported their own as well as our wonderful makers from slightly further across the North West. A huge thank you to them for travelling to our lovely town and adding their style to the mix. 
Our aim for this fair, and the rest of our events this year (of which there are many - so watch out for details coming soon) is to offer something different, not only to what you can find in high street shops but to what you often find at other craft fairs. We promise that nothing you see has had labels snipped off or barcodes rubbed out. Handmade is king!

Hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did
X x


  1. Great pics...wish I had bought more....planning to next time!