Thursday, 13 October 2011

Crowded House

Astley Park Coach House used to just be a big old building that was largely ignored by park visitors, you could pop to the cafe for an ice-cream but generally didn’t sit, the only reason to enter the coach house was to nip to the dark and slightly scary loo’s.

We sit at our stalls and wonder at the now amazing building that had spent decades unseen.  The fantastic double height entrance hall, and the balconied landing above, the clean white walls or the warm bare brick in the upstairs function room, the beautiful art gallery and the massive roof beams above us, and of course the cafe, good enough to rival any well kept national trust one. (I must apologise I cannot recall the proper names for buildingy things, shocking when I worked for an architect for 4 years, then a surveyors for 3! Oops.) Anyhoo, it’s obvious a lot of energy has been expended to restore this gorgeous building. 

No longer scary or gloomy (even in the rotten drizzly weather) but bright and roomy this building is the perfect backdrop for our colourful and quirky creations.

We had plenty of visitor (despite the dreary weather) including some little visitors who came to have a go at the children’s crafts whilst mum / dad browsed the adjoining stalls and it was indeed a crowded house.  We will have another craft table set-up at the next fair on 4 December (same time, same place) we hope you can join us again. 
Enough of my ramblings and to the pics which is what you all really came to see. x
first customer at the door, upstairs with pram - easy peasy
Gorgeous smelling soaps by ... (TBC) and Helen Pickup (better shot of Helen's stall here)

Cheeky Creations and Polka Dot Sky

Sandra June (there are a couple more pics from the fair on this page)

Free children's craft stall

Ta ta for now. x

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