Sunday, 2 October 2011

It’s Hammer Time

Waca waca waca wew. (I was trying to do the DJ’ing noise there)

OK before I go on - I'd just like to point out details to the right>> our next craft fair is coming up THIS Sunday, same place The Coach House, in Astley Park (next to Cafe Ambio) we open at 10am and finish at 4pm we'd love you to come and have a look around.

For the last two craft sessions we have been learning the skill of mosaic using broken china, old tiles and also a few pieces of tessaré tiles, with guidance from Chrissy of Pink Sea Star have a look at her website.
After our first session the results are good, I do feel rather proud of my dragonfly mirror albeit not quite finished.

September sees us grouting around the pieces, although some speedy ladies had got to that on the first session. 
To describe the scene I shall quote the lady sat to my left (you know who you are) ‘I feel this is a craft you do if you like to get messy’.  So engrossed in my work I didn’t have time to look up but my own hands were indeed white and caked with tile grout, as I slapped on oodles of the stuff, before squishing into the gaps and smoothing with my fingers and wiping off the excess.  Cleaning up the piece was a slow process and I now appreciate how much time and effort goes into this kind of craft. 

Just look at the speed (note the blurry hands) we worked at!!
Anyhoo, we now all have lovely finished pieces of arty usefulness to use in our homes.... well ok, mine still isn’t finished as I spent far too much time nattering. Xx
A few more pics to follow soon from the second session. xx

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