Friday, 27 January 2012

Meet The Crafters #3

Continuing on with the 'We are Chorley Contemporary Crafters ..... with an ‘s’......theme let me introduce our next member of the group:  

Purple Shmurple (by Lynsey Wilkins)
(I just had to do purple lettering, Nx)

Please give us a little detail about what it is you make?
Jewellery and accessories! I like to say that it’s a little bit quirky and curious...

Have you always done this or did you first start with something else?
I work full-time too, as a website editor for a music memorabilia dealer, but since I decided to try starting up my own little creative business in my free time, it has always been in that genre.

What / who inspires you?
I'm a big fan of the weird and wonderful! I don't have any big 'idols' in the fashion or art world, but there are a lot themes that I love - steampunk and vintage, gothic, animals and nature, fairytale....

Is there an interesting back story/start up story to your business?
Not so much for starting my business, but I always get asked how I came up with the name. Purple is my favourite colour and I just thought 'What rhymes with Purple?' and the rest is history :)

Tell us what we can typically find when visiting your stall?
All sorts! I make a lot of items out of wood, glass and acrylic. I have started doing a small range of sterling silver items as well as silver-plate and gunmetal.  Lots of necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches and other things.

Do you have a favourite item? 
I love my ticket necklaces - they have a lovely vintage feel but aren't too feminine or delicate.

Do you have a website or somewhere we can have a nosey at /purchase your products? 
Please visit
Etsy -
Website -

(And of course don't forget, if you are local, we'd love you to call past The Coach House in Astley Park, Chorley next Sunday 5th February to have a look at Purple Shmurple's lovely items in the flesh.)

Any big plans for the future of your business? (answer whichever suits)
I have no big plans, but it would be great to be stocked in a shop. I have been thinking about it for about 6 months now so maybe this year I'll try!

Hopefully we can fit another couple of crafters in before the Craft Takeover next weekend.


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