Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Meet the Crafters #4

"More  more  moooore, how do you like it? how do you like it?" that's enough singing.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCoAFBxUHX4 (just in case you do want to hear more more more)

 Introducing .....................  Eyeshoot Photography

Please give us a little detail about what it is you make?
I'm a photographer and sell high quality prints of my work, which I make myself in my studio, I also have photo blocks, mini zines and greetings cards featuring my work

Have you always done this or did you first start with something else?
There's a question!  I'm a graphic designer by training, I've been a chef, worked in retail, co owned two chocolate shops and a cafe, so I've done plenty of things before turning my long term passion into a career.

What / who inspires you? I love the work of Martin Parr, he sees things in such a unique way and with a great sense of the absurd and a nice touch of irony.

Tell us what we can typically find when visiting your stall? Bright and vibrant pictures from my trips to Morocco and Cuba, lots of graffiti which is a long time obsession of mine, little books hand stitched by me and canvas prints.

Do you have a favourite item? 
This image was shot in Morocco, just an ordinary house on an ordinary street, but I think it's beautiful - the composition, the colour and all the elements work together perfectly and fits my style of photography perfectly.

Do you have a website or somewhere we can have a nosey at / purchase your products? www.eyeshoot.co.uk is a hub to all of my places - blog, shop, galleries and so on (ooo clever, I must find out how she does this)

One last picture before we sign out
Fun" picture - hopefully how I'll feel on the big day!

Thanks for letting us have a peek into your world.
Now I reckon we can fit just one more in before the craft fair on Sunday, look out for Zygote Gifts.

Nik x

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