Sunday, 8 January 2012

Meet the Crafters

We are Chorley Contemporary Crafters ..... with an ‘s’...... so I said to myself “Nik, it might be nice to hear from other crafters in our group right about now”.

So without further ado let me introduce our first clever crafter:

Bird House Press (by Rachel Jones) 

Please give us a little detail about what it is you make?  My work is mainly screen prints, based on the illustrations that I doodle.  I love birds - so there is always one or two of them in the work I do!  I produce my work either as prints that can be framed - or as limited edition tote bags, greetings cards, and for 2012 - notebooks!! I also have letterpress prints and lino prints as well - but the focus is screen printing!

Have you always done this or did you first start with something else?  I have only been screen printing for just under 2 years - so I am still learning.  I love the process - and love trying new ideas.  Not all of them have worked - but I love trying anyway!!

What / who inspires you? I love the screen prints of Jay Ryan - and the Papercuts of Rob Ryan (neither are related - just coincidence!) I have tried paper cuts - but end up cutting my fingers far too often - so some of my more recent prints have a papercut "look" to them  without me having to buy stocks of Elastoplast in the process!!

Is there an interesting back story/start up story to your business?  I am still working full time for a local council - so my artwork is done in any spare time, weekends and days off!  Initially when I started screen printing - I was working out of my garage - and with it being separate to my house - there is no electricity, no water, and in winter - no heat!  So the fact I stuck with the printing is a good sign that I like it!!  Thankfully - I was able to get a studio space at Hot Bed Press, Salford ( in 2011, so printing is less of a challenge - and more like the fun it should be!

Tell us what we can typically find when visiting your stall?  There are prints that can be framed, greetings cards, tote bags, I am planning on a range of notebooks this year - and I have even had some designs put onto plates - so the range is varied!  I will be at the next Chorley Contemporary Crafters Art Fair on the 5th of February (10am – 4pm at The Coach House, next to Café Ambio, in Astley Park) - so please pop down and check out my work in person!!

Do you have a favourite item?  This has to be a print I finished around August time 2011.  The design is inspired by papercuts - but the sentiment is something that I feel is applicable to young and old - my "Shine" screen print.  It was printed as an edition of 20 - and I have just sold the last one on New Years Eve.  I still have people asking for it - so I think there will be a second edition of it in 2012! 

Do you have a website or somewhere we can have a nosey at / purchase your products?  oooh yes - head over to, find me on facebook ( and find me on Twitter @BirdHousePress (I have no understanding of twitter, sorry guys you will have to get here yourselves, Nik x).  I also have shops on Folksy and Etsy  (search Bird House Press in the shop search)  I also have a blog too:

Any big plans for the future of your business?  For 2012 I need to update my website and incorporate a shop into my site too.  I also plan to focus on my online shops, and perhaps get my work into a few shops locally too.  Not particularly massive plans but I am sure with the day job to do as well - they will keep me busy!!!

One last picture

 - my most recent screen print - "The World" - initially commissioned by a friend as an engagement gift (which was personalised with names, place they got engaged, and the date) - this is the main part of that design.

Keep a look out for our next Contemporary Crafter soon.

Bye for now.



  1. I really enjoyed reading this interview, lovely items too
    Enjoy your day :)
    Mantha xx

  2. Absolutely beautiful prints and really interesting interview. Its nice to find out how people work.

  3. Thanks all, please keep visiting and commenting, it's nice to know you are all out there somewhere. Another crafter will be here very soon. x